Monday 12 February 2024

Bosnia, Zenucha to Banjaluka


Sarajevo isn't the "heart" of Bosnia.  This is.  While not truly dense, as say northern Serbia, this is yet quite populated.

This is still within the Ottoman Empire.  The reach of that empire is only graspable when one comes close to the ground, when every part of Europe that was under its sway is individually seen and examined.

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  1. This is Maxwell. I’ve been curious for a while: is there a reason you don’t visually distinguish the different kinds of infra-generated town? Like, country town vs artisan vs commercial.

    I can think of a couple reasons why you might not. For one, if you ever change your town taxonomy, it would be a bitch and half to go back and redo the maps; having one single symbol is enough to represent “civilized location that isn’t a settlement”, with the real detail falling to the rest of the game system.


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